Home Organization Tip – Organizing Your Habits

Maybe you’ve tried to get your home organized before but given up in frustration because you couldn’t seem to make yourself make any real progress. Or maybe you had the best intentions of organizing your home, even had it all planned out, but couldn’t quite seem to make yourself do what you know you needed to do. This happens a lot and not just in home organization but in every area of life. We all know what we need to do, maybe even make some progress, but something else comes up that distracts us from our goal. If you really want to get your home organized and are committed to that goal, I’m here to help you take charge. And that involves getting your habits organized.

We all have habits that keep us from achieving our goals. If you really want to get your home organized, the first thing you’re going to have to do is take control of your organizing habits. You have habits right now that determine how your home is organized or not organized. Let me give you an example to help explain what I mean. What do you do with all of the paperwork (mail, kids’ papers, newspapers, magazines, etc) that comes into your home Does it get shoved in a certain corner of the living room Does it end up on the kitchen table, stacked as high as it can possibly go without falling over You already have a habit that determines what you do with papers that come into your home. The challenging part is taking charge of that habit. If you really want to get those papers that come into your home organized, you’re going to need to change your paper habit.

So instead of shoving those papers in a corner of the living room, decide that you are going to create a filing system for them instead. Some suggestions bills, action needed, coupons, possibly trash, file for each child, file for anyone else living in your household. Get a simple desktop file sorter, label each slot and all you have to do is put the appropriate mailpaper in the appropriate slot when you get in the door.

It takes 21 days to establish a new habit so commit to yourself right now that you are going to do this for 21 days. Tackle only one home organization habit at a time. Trying to change your entire home organization routine can overwhelm you and chances are good that it is not going to stick. You have to really want to get your home organized for this to work and you have to be committed to changing your habits.

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