How to Choose the Right Lift Chair

Lift chairs come in different sizes, colors and designs. The materials used are the same as those used for the ordinary couches. The design and the colors could be chosen to match the décor of your home. These chairs are just like any other chair, but the similarities end where the technological innovation begins. Lift chairs with their mechanical device can provide people with mobility difficulties the chance to live normal lives. A lift chair’s primary function is to give people assistance in getting up and in sitting down. This contraption is considered a blessing to those who are recuperating from surgery and most especially those who are advance in age. Here are some pointers that should be considered if you are looking for that perfect lift chair to suit the need of the user. Physique of the user. The height and weight of the user is an important consideration if you want to ensure that the lift chair will support the user effectively. If the user’s weight is from 300-450 pounds, the standard lift chair will do nicely.

Otherwise, if the user is bigger and heavier, the heavy duty lift chair is recommended. Most lift chairs are adjustable to accommodate the height of the user. For maximum comfort, choose one that offers maximum height adjustments options. Control location. Is the user left handed or rigt handed Some ailments could cause paralysis of one side of the body. A user whose left side of the body is paralyzed due to heart stroke would naturally need a lift chair with right side controls. Position of the controls can be customized to suit the preference of the user.

Intended use. Will the lift chair be used as a chair, a recliner or a bed Some lift chairs can reclined fully and doubles up as a daytime bed. However, if the user will be more comfortable with only a chair function, then by all means get one for this purpose only. Lift Chair Options. Lift chairs are usually powered through electrical outlets though some are powered by battery packs. Battery packs of course would be very handy during power failures. Some higher end lift chair comes with massage and heat therapy equipment. This kind of lift chair is most suitable for a user undergoing therapy and those suffering from joint problems.

Dual motor or single motor A single motor lift chair is one that has one control for the footrest and the seat. The dual motor enables the user to independently adjust the back and the footrest. Whatever kind of lift chair you choose be sure that its rated capacity fits the physical profile of the user. I should be safe and one that would provide maximum functionality and comfort.