Video Mash Up

I wanted to do something a little different today besides my typical daily soundtrack.  A lot of dope videos have dropped in the past week so I wanted to share some of my favorites.  A few might catch everyone offguard but I like some radio shit just as much as the next man even though I hate pretty hard at times.  Drake even make a couple appearances on my list today.  The first video is from Drake and Timbaland for their song Say Something.  I love this joint and Drake once again solidifies his spot.  It’s hard to hate this man right now but I’m sure I can find something.

The second video is Cannon, whichi is of my favorite joints from Cory Gunz mixtape, Heir to the Throne.  Despite Cory looking a little uncomfortable handling guns, the song is really dope and its cool to see a video for it too.

The third video is for Gucci Mane’s song Lemonade. This video kind of makes my eyes hurt with all this bright ass yellow.  This song is a little too addictive.  It’s good to see Waka Flocka Flame in the video too.

The fourth video is for Mos Def’s joint Supermagic from his album The Ecstatic, which is one of the most slept-on albums of they.

The last two videos I will group together because of they are both from Young Money/Cash Money.  Young Money’s Bedrock is slowly becoming one of my favorite songs due to the Lloyd hook and the Nicki Minaj line “time to put this pussy on your sideburns.”  Need I say more????  The last video is from Birdman’s album Pricele$$ and features Lil Wayne and Drake.  Once again, Drake makes the song.  Damn am I becoming a Drake fan??????

Tomorrow I will be sharing my thoughts about Alicia Keys new album, The Element of Freedom.