Grumpy Old Men featuring Neak “One For The Road” produced by Wes P

A3C is this weekend.  Sunday Skool is around the corner and today, Grumpy Old Men drops One For The Road featuring Neak.  This joint is produced by Wes P, who I think you guys will become very familiar with not only on Sunday Skool but with all the heat he will be dropping in the near future.  If I had to pick on surprised on Sunday Skool, it would be Wes P.  Dude gave us a bunch of songs and 5 of them made the album.  BIG shout out to Wes P.  Our guy, Neak, who is also rockin at A3C this weekend dropped a verse on this joint.  One For The Road premiered on last night so, please listen, comment and rate.  You can download it below as well.

One For The Road Premiere

Download One For The Road via Hulkshare

Introducing Grumpy Old Men

Nothing crazy but I just wanted to share a quick introduction to Grumpy Old Men.  Of course by now you have heard and probably seen a picture or two but Grumpy Old Men is a group that myself and Pete Sayke formed last year while recording some random material.  We ended up with like 6 or 7 songs and decided to do an album, then the album and chemistry was just crazy so, we formed a group.  We threw around a bunch of ideas but Grumpy Old Men was the perfect fit for a couple of “old” rap guys like us.  Sunday Skool came together with production and features from some of Chicago’s best producers and emcees not to mention Australia, Indianapolis and Texas.  We have been performing together for almost a year in Chicago but Sunday Skool is our first release as a group.  A lot of things have happened in the past year and we are looking forward to releasing the album and introducing the world to Mike Schpitz and Pete Sayke as Grumpy Old Men.  Oh yea, we are performing at A3C Festival in Atlanta next Saturday!

Grumpy Old Men Profile on A3C

Grumpy Old Men “America” produced by Ta-Ku

I’ve  been talking about Grumpy Old Men and Sunday Skool for a while now, well today it is official, Sunday Skool is on it’s way.  We premiered the first single/leak last night.  It’s a record called America produced by the Australian homie, Ta-Ku.  If you are curious or disturbed by this image, please listen to the song.  Pete Sayke illustrates this image in record form perfectly.  Listen, comment, rate, download and share below.  Sunday Skool is on its way!  Shout out to, and for sponsoring Sunday Skool and of course for the premiere!

Grumpy Old Men “America” produced by Ta-Ku Lived at

Download America

Grumpy Old Men Live at A3C Festival, Sunday Skool, America, etc

I just wanted to share an update about my own music.  I got a few big things happening to round out this year.  First an foremost, Grumpy Old Men, which is my group with fellow emcee Pete Sayke, is getting ready to start promoting our first album, Sunday Skool.  The music is mixed, the artwork is done, the sponsors are being lined up and we are getting ready to release our first record entitled America.  We also have a BIG performance coming up in Atlanta for the A3C Hip Hop Festival in two weeks.  We will be performing Saturday, October 8th at The Masquerade in ATL.  If you haven’t seen the line up for the festival, go to A3C’s website and see how much awesome music is going to be there.  We’re super excited and hope to really make a splash.   Stay tuned for more updates and if you’re in or around Atlanta October 6-8, come check us out.  America coming soon!

Update! Grumpy Old Men, Sunday Skool, Have You Seen My Stapler? and Paid Time Off

It’s been almost two months since the release of my mixtape, Spring Cleaning and I have been relatively quiet as far as releases, updates, etc so, I wanted to bring everyone up to speed and get people prepared for the next few projects that are coming out.  First off, Spring Cleaning has been receiving incredible feedback and has over 250K downloads from Frostwire and Frostclick.  That is INSANE.  I want to give a big shout out and a special thanks to everyone at Frostwire and Frostclick for making Spring Cleaning such a success.  First off, if you don’t know, last year, me and fellow emcee, Pete Sayke formed a group called Grumpy Old Men.  Basically, last October, we got together to work on some music, ended up making it a weekly thing and decided to do a whole album.  After the music started coming out CRAZY, we decided to form a group called Grumpy Old Men.  We finished our first album, Sunday Skool and it is currently being mixed by Ill Brown.  I have heard several mixed down tracks and they sound incredible.  Both me and Pete are really excited to get the music out there.  I featured a couple of our songs, Twin Bed Romping, Pulpit and Fly Away on the Spring Cleaning mixtape to give everyone a taste of how the music is coming along.  Sunday Skool should be coming out in late summer around when school comes back in session.  We have been performing around Chicago and been receiving great feedback.  We should be releasing more music very soon.

For my two solo albums which I have mentioned several times, Have You Seen My Stapler? with SLOT-A and Paid Time Off with Phys Edison, they are both pretty much done.  PTO is in the process of getting mixed and putting finishing touches on some things.  Stapler is about 2 or 3 songs away from being completed and then we will be getting it mixed ASAP too.  I’m hoping to release Stapler by the end of the year or early next year and Paid Time Off for spring/summer next year.  In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates and check out both of my mixtapes The Prize Package Volume 1 and Spring Cleaning.  Grumpy Old Men will be performing more shows around Chicago and hopefully a couple festivals around the US this fall.  Check out a Grumpy Old Men exclusive, Fly Away from the Spring Cleaning mixtape below.

Frostwire and Frostclick present Mike Schpitz “Spring Cleaning”

I know it seems like I just dropped my mixtape, The Prize Package Volume 1 but I got the opportunity to link with Frostwire and Frostclick to do an exclusive mixtape for their site and their torrent downloading program. If you recall, back in 2009, Frostwire and Frostclick featured my debut album, Sunday Drive and it received A LOT of love and over 81,000 downloads. So, when they asked me about doing an exclusive project, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity and had to show the love back. This time, I put together a mixtape called Spring Cleaning, which features 19 tracks of old and new material from each of my projects since Sunday Drive. I have songs from Love Potion Number 9th, Mike Murder, Stanley Ipkiss, The Prize Package Volume 1, Sunday Skool with Pete Sayke and Have You Seen My Stapler? with SLOT-A. It is basically a history lesson about my music and has some new, unheard stuff. Spring Cleaning went live yesterday so, go over to Frostwire and Frostclick to download it. The link is below as well as the track list and a snippet of the post on

Download Spring Cleaning

Download Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is Mike Schpitz latest project, a 19 song compilation of his favorite best songs and one on which Mike and the FrostClick Team have been working together for the past month to bring to you today.

We hope you enjoy it and share it with all your friends, this is truly good hip-hop and we feel very proud to be the ones to to have the opportunity to share with you this exclusive release from Mike Schpitz (aka LoveJones).

In this opportunity we are lucky enough to have a letter from Mike himself to let you know more in detail the background and behind the scenes of Spring Cleaning.

Download Spring Cleaning