Old School


 This morning, to my own surprise, I popped in 2pac’s album, Me Against The World, for the first time in over a year.  I have never been the biggest 2pac fan, even thought I KNOW dude is arguably the GOAT.  My earliest memories of Me Against The World are from when I was in elementary school and I used to rock the tape in my yellow walkman tapeplayer.  Dear Mama was my shit(probably because I’m a mama’s boy).  I also really liked Shed So Many Tears and Death Around The Corner.  However, this morning another song really caught my attention.  Old School.  I can honestly say I don’t ever remember hearing this song before but I’m really glad I heard it today.  Old School is Pac’s tribute to the hip hop culture that he grew up on.  From DJing to breakdancing to graffiti, Pac talks about every aspect of hip hop.  I’m not sure why this song caught me so off guard but I just have this image of Pac and have never heard him really pay homage to the culture.  I know Pac used to dance back up for Digital Underground as well but I never really thought about Pac as being a hip hop head.  It is really dope to hear him talk about Slick Rick, KRS One, Rakim and Melle Mel.  I also didn’t know that Me Against the World was nominated for a Grammy in 1996.  Even if you are not a huge Pac fan, I highly suggest you check out Me Against The World and definitely listen to Old School and hear a different side of Pac. 

2Pac Old School

RIP Tupac