Take Your Time

Pete Rock

“I watch time stand still I’m just one man”

It’s crazy how a song can give you the feeling of a certain time of day.  Some mornings I need music to give me a boost to jump start my day and other mornings I just need to zone out.  Today I took a trip back to 98/99 and through in Pete Rock’s Soul Survivor.  I can’t even remember the last time I listened to this album.  This whole record takes me back to my freshman/sophomore year, rolling around in Logan’s gold Honda.  I remember how dope Pete Rock’s beats are but I forgot how nice he was on the mic too.  Pete Rock was NICE.  Joints like Tru Master and Half Man Half Amazing show PR’s abilities to stand alongside Inspectah Deck, Kurupt and Method Man.  My favorite joint on this album and the perfect song to start my day is Take Your Time.  The whole vibe is incredible.  It’s one of those songs that I could play for anyone, regardless of age and I guarantee they could appreciate it.  I might email it to my grandma later.  I can just imagine my grandma bumping Pete Rock at her next bridge club get together.  How ill would that be?  I had to run this song back 3 times this morning and I will probably listen to it at least 4 more times today.  This is hip hop at it’s finest.  I haven’t even made it through half the tracks on the album because of this song.  I am kind of excited to listen to Verbal Murder and Strange Fruit.  So I welcome you all to kick back, zone out and enjoy some classic shit.  I had a hard time even finding this song on the internet.  What type of this is that?????

Pete Rock-Take Your Time