Dilla Day










I know everyone has their own special relationship with Dilla’s music and everyone shows their appreciation and love in various ways so, in honor of the fifth year anniversary of his passing, I wanted to post a few of my personal favorite Dilla joints which feature Dilla the emcee.  Dilla is still one of my favorite emcees to this day.  He was definitely the man when it came to production but he was also my favorite out of Slum Village and is still one of my favorite cats to listen to rock the mike.  I loved Fantastic Volume 2 for the production of course but I really liked hearing Jay Dee behind the mike so, here are some of my favorite joints from Dilla. Enjoy and RIP Jay Dee aka J Dilla.

Raise It Up is still one of my favorite songs period.  The beat is insane and Jay Dee does his thing on the verse.

CB4 is another one of my favorite joints on Fantastic Volume 2.  I love the vibe of this record.

Thelonious is one of my favorite tracks on Like Water For Chocolate and as a bonus on Fantasic Volume 2.  This is one of the first records that really introduced me to SV and Dilla as an emcee.  I know I was a little behind but it was after listening to Thelonious that I had to get Fantastic Volume 2 which is one of my favorite hip hop albums of all time.

I know Dilla doesn’t rap on Think Twice but this is my favorite track from Welcome 2 Detroit.  The Donald Byrd original and Erykah Badu’s version is sick too.

From his unreleased MCA album, Pay Jay, the intro track produced by Nottz, Diamonds is sick.  I love this record and Nottz of course did his thing on the beat.  Sorry but I am having trouble finding the Youtube link.

J Dilla “Diamonds” produced by Nottz

Of course his single, Fuck The Police is a classic.  I love this beat a lot.  The  Ruff Draft EP is sick.

Slum Village’s EP under the name J-88,  Best Kept Secret had some classic cuts as well and Look of Love was one of my favorites too.

We Be Dem, which features the same track with two different beats is an awesome joint from Fantastic Volume 1, which all of you should have by now as well.

Last but not least, Reunion, which was from Slum Villages album, Detroit Deli, showed a glimmer of hope for SV fans, that Dilla would be working closely with the group again.  Definitely an awesome record and great to hear Dilla rocking the mike with SV again.

There are countless joints so no one take offense because it would take a long time to go through Dilla’s greatest moments.  RIP Dilla.