Barrington Levy featuring Kardinal Offishall No War

I’m gonna start slapping people over the head with new shit constantly.  Time to get my blog game up.  Wait, nevermind, “we off that.”  I did just stumble across a really dope record/video from Barrington Levy featuring Kardinall Offishall called No War.  I’m pretty sure that I have heard this song before but I can’t remember where.  Anyway, they just dropped a new video and its pretty dope.  Kardinal always does his thing. I’m not sure why a legend like Barrington Levy needs to use autotune but whatever I guess.  Check out the video belooooooooooooooooooooow.

Speaking of “legends” using autotune, has anyone else seen/heard Flavor Flav’s video I’ll Never Let You Go????? Well if now, here it is!!!!!!!! Classic moment in hip hop.  What do you think is going through Chuck D’s mind right now??????