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Well well, Mr. DMX has resurfaced.  This time without a mug shot accompanying him.  Anyways, DMX is scheduled to fight an MMA style bout down in Alabama against one Eric Martinez.  This is the “celebrity” portion with Butterbean and Tank Abbott to fight afterwards.  Now, if you’re like me, you are wondering who the hell Eric Martinez is.  I still couldn’t tell you, but there is an interview you can read up on.  The craziest part about this whole fiasco, let’s face it, it will be a fiasco.   The promoters were trying to get Busta Rhymes to fight DMX!  They had some schedule conflicts with Busta(who really knows) and he decided he wouldn’t be able to do it.  So, let’s hope DMX doesn’t get Ruffed up..First he gonna rock, then he gonna roll..X gon give it to ya Eric!

The Interview with Eric Martinez

A couple of thoughts..

Nothing serious here folks. Well, besides the quote.motivating-quoteJust going to mention a couple of artists/groups that I’ve been listening to A LOT today.  I don’t know if you’re familiar with the song Beggin’ by Madcon, which is a hip hop group out of Norway, but before Madcon there was this fantastic group called Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  This group together had over 25 top 40 hits with songs such as Walk Like A Man, Sherry and of course, Beggin.  Madcon’s version is not too bad considering it sounds like something the Roots could come up with, but the original is just so smooth and soulful that it is hard to oversee.  I can imagine myself at a sock hop doing the mash potato or something along those lines.  My father always gives me a hard time about music today by comparing it to his time and I have to agree that music back in the day seemed so pure.  There are, of course, groups that come out who can provide some ammo for my talks with dad, but most of the time I’m stuck agreeing with him.  Anyways, video to come later in the post.

The second part of my post has to deal with one of my favorite and most underrated groups, Field Mob.  I happen to believe that if it wasn’t for the politics of the hip hop business these guys would have made some real noise.  I just love the fact at any given moment they can surprise you with lyrics and a melodic almost out of control flow over a beat.  They had there first single, Tired of Being Lonely, which was probably to suffice the higher ups.  But seriously, a lot of there songs after that were completely overlooked and abandoned by most listeners(besides Georgia On My Mind).   As it is, Smoke inked with an Indie Label out in Arizona and has a solo album coming out in 2010.  Shawn Jay inked with Universal and is currently working on a solo album but no date has been announced for the release.

Smoke aka Chevy P Myspace

ALLright, here is Beggin’

And…..Porject Dreamz(from the first album 613 Ashy To Classy), why not.  It’s like a mix of Goodie Mob and Nappy Roots.



Eminem has been hiding out in Freeway’s beard.  This song is a nice combination of an electric beat and Freeway’s unorthodox flow.  It does sample a line from an Em freestyle, but it’s kind of refreshing ya know?  I was wondering where Eminem was at during his time off and I guess, to be honest, Freeway could hold Em in his beard.  Rick Ross might have something to say about this song, but Free has him beat in the facial hair game.  I will say I’ve liked Freeway for a while now when other people have said he was garbage.  Anyways, here’s the track, Freeway’s Beard…



First heard of this young guy, only 17 turning 18 very soon, on and I was surprised.  Then one of my dudes put me onto his first mixtape called The Experiment.  From then on I’ve been jammin’ out with this musically mature MC.  I know Mike will probably hate him right from the beginning, but give him a chance and listen with open ears.  After all, he is from New York and we know that most of the best come out of that state.  I don’t like to say that “so and so is going to save hip hop” because I’m befuddled by the argument that hip hop is dead.  It’s just like everything else going through a transition, but this guy will certainly help ease some tension.  So take a listen to the first single off of his newest mixtape (Live,Love,Learn) and see what you think.

Here’s some links to his mixtapes as well and myspace.

D.Julien Myspace

1st Mixtape “The Experiment”

2nd Mixtape “Live,Love,Learn”

Bonus Mixtape “Get Familiar”




In this day and age with the high speed of news travel, it is easy to get caught up in all of the reports.  Well, the King of Pop is not dead.  Sure he suffered cardiac arrest and the almighty TMZ reported from a source that he died.  I don’t believe too much of what TMZ says because all they do is stir the masses with there loose based reports.  I mean, does anybody remember some years ago when there was a report that his body was found at the Neverland Ranch and he was dead then?  That was based on an unnamed source too and it turned out to be false.  Just be careful with what you hear.  Anyways, CNN reported that he is now in a coma.  Which means he is alive and breathing.  Everybody relax and take a break.  Don’t be surprised if he dies pretty soon though because of all the stress he has been through his entire life.



First off, let me say this, Drake is somebody I do not enjoy listening to.  I have had multiple people try and get me to ride out to Drake and I just can’t do it.  That “Best I Ever Had” track is not even at an average level.  I would go as far to describe it as terrible.  So, there’s that.  Now, Jeremih has another single out or coming out, I don’t really know.  It is called Raindrops and I thought I’d share it with ya.  That and another joint he recorded while he was back in college called My Ride(GOOD song).  Here they the way, I’m an EOH(Equal Opportunity Hater).  I can’t hand out all of this love about Jeremih and not say something bad.  Well, I guess I can..just look at this picture.  What the hell man!


(My Ride)



I don’t know what is going on, but when I go outside after midnight and can’t help but break a sweat taking out the trash there are problems.  It’s been a tough few days with the heat index well over 100 here in the great city of Topeka.  The good news is that it hasn’t rained for a while, but the bad news is I have to go mow the lawn.  This weather has me thinking about how our old ancestors handled it.  Yes it has been this hot before and probably even hotter.  They didn’t have air conditioning nor fans..what the hell did they do?  At least that cute little North Korean dictator made me laugh today.  Today, the man threatened to wipe the United States off the map if we start another war.  Now, I find that statement to be hilarious.  Anyways, like Mike, I have been putting hip hop on the back burner while I listen to other genres.  Mainly listening to oldies and old rock n’ roll such as Motown, Beatles, Franki Valli, etc.  But of course, I always throw in some reggae/dancehall.  So here are a couple of from the oldies generation and one of my favorite dancehall tracks of all time.  Enjoy the day and try to keep your cool because I know people’s attitudes are going to be tested with this heat!

(Smokey Robinson-Cruisin)

 (Ranking Dread-Fattie Boom Boom)

(Bonus Track: Collie Buddz-Hustle)

I said I would do it..

Shawn Carter, please retire.  I can’t even use his moniker because that man hasn’t been around for years.  Sure, he’s come correct a couple of times in the 2000′s, but not enough to continue his choke hold on the rap game.  I’m sort of like Wayne when it comes to making comparisons.  I use a lot of sports references so just hang with me.  Jay is similar to Ken Griffey Jr. these days.  It’s a shame to watch such a dominant figure take the slide to average status when they were once the best in the game.  Just like Griffey hits a home run every now and then, but it’s not enough to solidfy his place in the game anymore.  Go out with the people behind your back.  Don’t let them have any reason to doubt your skills anymore.  So, this of course, comes about because of D.O.A(Death of Autotune).  Now, most people would counter this argument by saying that any press is good press.  Whether it be negative or positive.  Well, I’m here to say, I doubt anybody too important is going to read this and run back to tell Jay or his crew, so I’m just a little fish in a HUGE pond.  But this little fish is talking.  I’m going to listen to it one more time….okay couldn’t even make it all the way through this time.  Whoever says he killed it has been brainwashed by these half ass rappers of today.  I’m gonna go real old school and let you know what Jay used to sound like.  This was even before he blew up on Reasonable Doubt..ladies and gentlemen, I introduce the REAL Jay-Z..featuring one of my favorite rappers of course, Big L, now enjoy damnit!  By the way, they both kill it.

You’re a Jerk

Hopefully this link works..anyways, this is the hotness and has been the hotness for a while out on the west coast.  I must say, the west coast has always done their own thing and I’ve followed some of it.  One of my favorite albums is E-40′s, My Ghetto Report Card.  If you are not Jerkin’ you better figure it out and bust it out at the club next time you walk through the doors.  The beat is kind of insane, but you need to have some speakers that can “pump that bass”.  By the way, Kobe did Orlando dirty last night.  I see a sweep coming.

I am a witness..

No, I’m not talking about Lebron or those dumb puppets I’ve been seeing on T.V. lately.  Really though, could Nike have jinxed both of those guys any worse?  I am a witness to the holy grail of combinations coming from the mouths of Bo, Dj Tanner and your very own Mike Schpitz.  By the way, I appreciate the love on the O.G.’s tab.  I must say, I’m glad to be back in the blogging game.  Considering I have a lot of time on my hands these days.  Like the bio says, if you want the brutal honest truth from me, I won’t hold back.  Once I figure out what’s going on with this site, although it looks like it’s loosely based around the hip hop foundation, I will come harder then Kimbo Slice.  Get it right or pay the price.  Large Marge, aka Large Margarine…the list goes on.  Let me add, I might enjoy some of the worst hip hop music on the planet according to you, but I will back it up 100%.  First example, favorite rapper is Yung Joc.  Not of all time so don’t get your tongue tied trying to type a response, let it go.  Just saying..he’s the man.  On another note, that Whooty song is absolutely terrible and if it ever becomes popular I will protest that harder then the War in Iraq..I’m out!