Old School

Ya know.  Maybe it’s just me but I think it’s time MTV and BET let viewers take a look back in time and ran some Old School programing w/ promotions all day.  Historians say you can’t know where your going unless you know where you’ve been.  There’s kids in these streets who have no idea who Run DMC is, but swear Gucci Mann is the best who ever lived, “seriously”.  Even more funny, these same cats rock throw back gear and big chains just like ‘em.   I mean damn, I’ve just entered my 30′s and I feel like I’m already remembering when Hip Pop was Hip Hop.  I wanna get my hands on MtV’s archives and hold seminars on the vibe of the 90′s.  Yo Mtv Raps used to interview people in some random kid Jacob’s basement or walking down the street in any city, hell they kicked it with NWA in Compton California.  Question-  “Did the superstar kill Hip Hop?”   And as clique as it sounds “Where would we be if Biggie and Pac hadn’t died.”  The politics of the time made it so I have to ask that question, since most people blame Puffy as a major transition from what we were to who we are now.  Tupac was on a campaign to destroy Puffy’s career, and after Biggie was killed Puff basically rode Big’s dead body into fame (yeah I’m being dramatic, lol) but it’s true.

Mos Def once said, when he could make a good album, that “We are hip hop, and hip hop is going where the people are going.”  True enough the “People” who really dedicated to this craft and love it have gone underground, but I still can’t help but feel cheated when I hear and see the crap that gets airplay these days. It’s getting to the point where I just hate pop music.  I’m that type of guy who likes polaroids of chicks in they underwear over thumbing thru a “Victoria’s Secrete” catalog ya feel me.  And that’s how I look at Hip pop and Hip Hop.  Beavis and Butt-Head VJ’ed videos better than anyone doing it today, and that’s sad. I remember skipping school for new albums, now I just skip tunes.  The Game used to be “Show and Proove”, now it’s “Yo he’s cool”.  WTF.  Lets take it back to the old school yall, because the olds cool. I’m out before this turns into too much of a rant.