About Mike Schpitz

When raw talent meets passion, the combination is unstoppable. Mike Schpitz aka LoveJones passion and talent have blended together to form one of hip-hop’s freshest new voices and sounds. Hailing from a place that is almost exclusively known for The Wizard of Oz, Topeka, Kansas has produced an emcee that manages to keep hip-hop’s soul alive while still bringing a sound that is marketable to nearly any audience.

A true student of hip-hop, Jones is a perfect example of a new generation of emcees that draws influence from every region. Whether it’s Master P and Cash Money Records from New Orleans, Outkast and the Dungeon Family from Atlanta, Death Row Records from California or the Wu Tang Clan from New York, Mike credits nearly everyone for his love affair with hip hop. “Being from Kansas and not really having a bias towards any particular artist or sound, I was able to listen to things with an open mind. Regardless of whether I could personally relate to what cats were talking about, I found aspects of so many artists that interested me.” It’s that openness that has allowed Mike Schpitz to explore different styles and feel comfortable on any type of production.

Mike Schpitz first made his mark with his group, Full House, on the local scene in Kansas. After just one open mic, Full House started headlining shows at almost every venue in Lawrence, Kansas. With an energetic stage show and a large following, Full House dominated the local scene for 6 months before his brother, DJ Tanner, moved to New York and the group was forced to split. Mike continued recording music and performing in Kansas. He eventually joined forces with The Only Ones Crew, Stik Figa and Adullessnce, before he moved to Chicago, Illinois.

From the moment he touched Chicago soil, Schpitz impressed people with his lyrical abilities and commanding stage show. After performing a few shows, he linked up with producers Phys Edison, Slot-A, The Gift and Rob Bates and has quickly became one of Chicago’s most promising artists. His debut album with Phys Edison, Sunday Drive, has received a very warm welcome from artists and listeners alike. Websites like Fakeshoredrive, Flawlesshustle, Rubyhornet and Hiphopgame have taken notice and shown their support to Schpitz and his music. “Sunday Drive is not only my introduction to hip-hop as an artist but also to me as a man. It shows my insecurities and vulnerabilities. There are a few songs where the listener witnesses me evolving. I hold nothing back.”

Another impressive characteristic of Mike Schpitz is his work ethic. As Sunday Drive was being wrapped up and released, Mike completed his second, full-length album, Have You Seen My Stapler? with producers Slot-A and The Gift. With a new sound and a more aggressive approach, Jones plans on coming out swinging and catching everyone off guard with “Stapler.”

Now boasting cosigns from some of Chicago’s most talented artists, Schpitz’ potential is limitless. With ties that stretch from Toronto to Texas, New York to LA and even Australia, Mike Schpitz is quickly demanding attention across the globe. “I feel like what I have to offer hip-hop is pure, its honest and its real. But I also include some of the flash and flare that mainstream rap is known for. I think there is a delicate balance between being too underground or being too mainstream; I want to tightrope walk that line by combining both aspects into what I create.”