Grumpy Old Men #FreeLunch

Alright everyone.  With a couple months of promo behind us, Pete and myself’s new project is finally out.  Everyone hastag #FreeLunch, listen, download, share, tweet, email, etc.  Do all the things you do to spread the word and of course, share your thoughts with Grumpy Old Men.

#FreeLunch features 19 tracks+1 bonus cut.  We have original production and features from The Lunch Lady, Tona, DreDai, Sincerely Yours, Grade Aplus, A.M., LONEgevity, SLOT-A and Maja 7th.  The photos for the artwork were taken by Alex Dare and the artwork was of course, done by my guy, Heath O’Campo.  #FreeLunch is also catered by, and  Check it out below!

Grumpy Old Men #FreeLunch

Grumpy Old Men #FreeLunch

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