Mike Schpitz Interview With Splash! Topeka








With The Prize Package Volume 1 dropping tomorrow, I wanted to share an interview that I just had with frequent collaborators, Splash! Topeka.  As always, the hometown love was in full effect.  This time, Splash! got some low down about my favorite spots in Topeka as well as more information about The Prize Package itself.  Check out a little portion of the interview below and the full thing at Splash! Topeka.

Mike Schpitz’s “Prize Package” on Splash! Topeka

Rapper Mike Schpitz has been making a name for himself on the Chicago rap scene, but he hasn’t forgotten his hometown roots. The Topeka native is paying homage to the city where he grew up with the release of his latest project - The Prize Package Vol. 1. Named for the quirky little burger joint at 1420 SE 6th Ave., Schpitz thought the title perfectly captured the diverse nature of the tracks collected for his new release.

“Basically, it’s a compilation of songs and features on other people’s songs that I’ve done pretty much in the past two years. They weren’t a part of any of the projects I’ve released like Sunday Drive,Love Potion and Stanley Ipkiss, but I still wanted to put the music together so people could download pretty much all of the other stuff I’ve done. Now it’s all in one place. It seemed kind of logical to call it The Prize Package – just a bunch of songs that aren’t specifically made to be together, but put together like an actual mixtape. Twenty-one tracks – it’s a pretty cool project. It will be available March 30 on DJBooth.net. They’ll have a page with the tracklist, production credits – all of that stuff. Just check it all out – you can actually stream it before you download it.”

Mike Schpitz’s “Prize Package” on Splash! Topeka

As always, BIG shout out to Splash! Topeka for the continued love and support.  The Prize Package Volume 1 drops tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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