Mike Schpitz featuring SLOT-A “Do It Right” Beat Borrowed from Madlib, Rearragned by SLOT-A











Last week got a little hectic with SXSW going on so, we held off on last week’s leak until last night.  My new record, Do It Right featuring SLOT-A, premiered on DJBooth.net last night to some warm reception.  This is one of my favorite records, if not my favorite record from The Prize Package Volume 1.  I heard Madlib’s track, Stormy from his project Shades Of Blue and fell in love with it.  I knew right away I needed to borrow the record for my own personal use.  I sent the record to SLOT-A and had him rearrange it a little, he came back with a dope hook and verse.  I wrote my two verses and it was a wrap.  Do It Right was finished.  Still to this day, this is one of my favorite records that myself and SLOT have created.  BIG shout out to SLOT on the hook and first verse.  Hopefully by now, you all know The Prize Package Volume 1 is going to drop next week on March 30th.  Until then, Do It Right.

DJBooth.net premiere “Do It Right” featuring SLOT-A

Download “Do It Right” featuring SLOT-A, Beat Borrowed from Madlib

Oh yea, BIG shout out to Madlib and Phys Edison for getting me familiar with Shades Of Blue.  Check out The Prize Package track list below.

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