Mike Schpitz “Put Em Up” Live on WGCI. Produced by SLOT-A

It was a pretty eventful weekend for me, especially on Saturday.  A couple things came together in the form of radio love.  Saturday Afternoon at 3:15, I was interviewed on Fusion Radio WIIT 88.9FM/CHICAGO with Flying Bee.  We talked about my hometown, Topeka, the hip hop scene in Kansas, my project Stanley Ipkiss, new projects, etc.  I will have the mp3 of the interview this week and will put it up on youtube so everyone can check it out.  Saturday night, I got a call from my guy, Papi Jamon, telling me that I was on WGCI with Timbuck 2.  Sure enough, I started getting texts, tweets and facebook messages about my joint, Put Em Up produced by SLOT-A, was playing on 107.5 WGCI for Go Ill Radio with Timbuck 2.  SLOT-A happened to capture some footage of the song being played and uploaded it to Bang Hot TV.  Check it out.  Happy Monday to everyone and look forward to a lot of big things happening soon.  Sorry for my absence last week.

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