More About Nothing

Happy Hump Day.  I wanted to share a mixtape, that I have been listening to for the last week or so.  Wale recently dropped his mixtape, More About Nothing, to follow up his acclaimed, Mixtape About Nothing.  The Seinfeld theme is pretty cool.  By now, you can probably tell I’m not a big fan of mixtapes especially when an album can leave a longer lasting imprint.  Maybe it is label politics or whatever, I don’t know.  Anyway, Wale’s new mixtape is pretty dope.  I really like the way the tape starts but it seems to fade a little and drag on for too long.   I guess that mixtape format as well, have as many songs as possible.  Regardless, Wale does well of showing why his album, Attention Deficit was only the beginning and he still has a lot to offer as an emcee and songwriter.  He has a few “spoken word” acapellas on the tape that are really dope.  Fans will definitely be happy with the tape and it will keep Wale’s name in people’s mouths until he can drop his sophomore album.  He has a song with Roscoe Dash and Guccie Mane that seems to be getting radio play, however, on the radio they take out Wale’s verse.  Sounds odd to me.  Check out his video to Number Won, which I think is addressing him and Kid Cudi’s relationship.

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