Return of the Ankh

“Classic Shit Alert”

I love saying that.  As you recall, I posted Erykah Badu’s new video for Window Seat on Monday well, I listened to her new album, Return of the Ahkh, a couple times through and I have to say, it’s incredible.  Window Seat is reason enough to listen to the whole album but Love, Get MuNNY, Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long and Fall in Love are unbelievable.  The album reminds me a little of Mama’s Gun, which is my favorite Erykah Badu album.  The vibe, the production, the lyrics, everything is just on point.  On Get MuNNY, she remakes Junior Mafia’s Get Money.  I honestly like her version even better.  I can’t really say enough about how dope this album is.  The last two songs are much slower and “spacier” but are still very dope as well.  I am not only encouraging people to buy this album but I am insisting that everyone purchase a copy.  I am getting mine today.  Here is a taste of what Return of the Ankh is offering, Turn Me Away(Get MuNNY).  Make sure you watch the video for Window Seat too.  Ms.  Badu is the BADDEST. 

One thought on “Return of the Ankh

  1. artists ain’t got budgets no more they’re just gonna faeocobk/tweet and Youtube and hope something catches on with the i-nuts Eryka’s last project had no buzz either.that’s my only explanation for why there’s so many hey i didn’t even know this was out/coming out now projects these days.Labels are practically daring artists to sell these days. it’s like oh yeah, you think labels suck go move some units without us—we’ll wait. Think about it. The Roots are on TV 5 nights a week and their label still ain’t pushin em. Anyone seen a cover? a tracklist? Fallon doesn’t even interview these guys about their music.

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