Dancing In The Rain

“And don’t nobody wanna liberate the weight of the pain”

Man, it feels like a new world now that I am free to explore some new and old music.  I am telling you guys, the Gorilla Zoe Challenge REALLY took it out of me.  It’s gonna take months to get back right.  This weekend helped immensely though.  I bumped The Fugees, Lauryn Hill and went to see Blu in concert on Saturday.  This was my first time seeing Blu live after being a huge fan for the last few years.  The show as a whole was pretty dope too.  Chicago emcee, ADad had a really nice set and Tanya Morgan did their thing as well.  The venue was packed by the time Blu came on and he was really dope live.  Despite forgetting some of his words, Blu raps just as well in person as he does in the studio.  He performed with Exile as his deejay, who did some live MPC worked and even performed a couple songs.  I can’t say enough about how good the show was.  If you are not familiar with Blu, liste to his album with Exile, Below The Heavens right now and when he comes to your city, go see him live.  He is one of the most underrated emcees out and one of the nicest dudes period.  After the show, I have been listening too Below The Heavens and Dancing In The Rain really struck a cord with me.  Blu performed this joint live and had everyone in the crowd singing the words.  Dancing In The Rain will fit the Monday vibe very well.  And in case you haven’t seen my video, The Rain, here is a Monday bonus.  Enjoy,

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