Classic shit Friday’s is still in full effect.  Today, I took a trip back to 1999/2000 to listen to Common’s classic Like Water For Chocolate.  This was an album that was very heavily played in my circle of friends when it came out.  This album marks many important moments for me.  Not only was this when I fell in love with Common’s music but this album was one of the albums that shaped my hip hop palate and it really introduced me to J Dilla as the producer and emcee and his group Slum Village.  Thelonious is still one of my favorite songs to this day.  Like Water for Chocalate is flawless from beginning to end.  Everything is on point from the features to the beats.  Needless to say it is hard to really  pick a favorite song but for today I’m jamming Dooinit a few times mainly because Common is talking hella shit.  This is also one of my favorite beats on the album as well.  Happy Friday to all and enjoy some more classic hip hop.  I hope Common can recapture some of the essence of this album for his new project. 

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