Enemy of the State

Aside from being off work for 6 days, performing 2 shows, eating TONS of food and drinking a lot of beer, I managed to get A LOT of new music over the holidays.  One of the projects I was anticipating the most was Lupe’s mixtape, Enemy of the State: A Love Story.  I read an interview with Lupe prior to the the mixtape being released and heard a couple tracks where he seemed to be “going in.”  For all those who don’t know, I once crowned Lupe, the best rapper alive after hearing the first few tracks on The Cool.  Although, my opinion changed the further I got into the album, I still think Lupe is one of the most talented emcees to ever bless a mike.  I have been waiting for him to just bring it back to straight rhyming and Enemy of the State seemed to be a step in the right direction.  I have listened to the tape a few times through and Lupe is definitely still got it.  I don’t like a few of the beat choices on the mixtape and wish it was a little longer but the tape is ill.  I’m not sure Lupe will shake up the industry with this tape like he had hoped but I think the people that appreciate Lupe as an emcee will definitely appreciate the tape.  He even drops a “food and liquor” flow on the tape.  Check out my two favorite joints, So Ghetto and Say Something. 

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