Blackroc “Ain’t Nothing Like You(Hoochie Coo)”

The Black Keys

Today might come as a suprise to many of you, or not but Monday night, my guy Tom sent me a video for Blackroc’s video, Ain’t Nothing Like You(Hoochie Coo) featuring Mos Def and Jim Jones.  I saw this video on but wasn’t itching to listen to it, mainly because of Jim Jones.  Well, to my own surprise, this song blew me away.  Not necessarily Jim Jones on it but Mos Def’s hook/verse/bridge or whatever and the production.  This shit seriously sounds amazing.  For those of you confused what Blackrock is, Blackrock is a project put together by Dame Dash and The Black Keys featuring a bunch of hip hop acts like Ludacris, Rza, Pharoahe Monch, Q-Tip and Nicole Wray.  I wasn’t really checking for this project until I heart Ain’t Nothing Like You.  Now I think this might be one of the dopest, most creative projects of 2009.  I don’t want to count chickens before they hatch but it would be dope to see Dame Dash release another well-received project.  This song is infectious.  I wish Mos Def would have been the only one on the track but Jim Jones doesn’t sound too bad on it.  Shout out to Dame Dash and The Black Keys for making this project happen.  Enjoy this incredible joint on hump day and stayed tuned for the Blackrock project.  I will keep everyone posted.


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