No Ceilings

No Celings

Today might surprise a lot of you especially with my most recent feelings towards pretty much everyone in hip hop but I decided to stay hating for a couple days and take in Lil Wayne’s new mixtape, No Ceilings.  After hearing Weezy spazz on Swag Surfin and Run This Town, I figured that even if the mixtape was trash, at least there were two standouts.  I haven’t listened to every track but so far, I fuck with it, TOUGH.  Lil Wayne pretty much spazzes on every song.  He is sounded pretty hungry.  Maybe he has heard some of the chatter about him falling off or Drake writing all his shit.  Regardless, No Ceilings has quotables for days and YES, Mike Schpitz will keep it in rotation.  Damn, I can’t believe I just said that outloud.  It shouldn’t be too much of a shock for people because I did dedicate 5 years of my life working as Weezy’s personal advocate.  I can’t even tell you how many hours I spent, listening, arguing and convincing people that Lil Wayne, the wobbledy, wobbledy dude was one of the best rappers out.  I can’t say that I am totally back on Wayne’s side after this mixtape but I will be checking for his new material.  I hope he keeps it quality and doesn’t continue to flood the world with too much music.  Shout out to Lil Wayne for No Ceilings.  Download it here, I stole the link from my guy Anthony at YNotMyDream who stole it from 2dopeboyz.  Here are his joints, Swag Surfin and Run This Town to give everyone a little taste of what Weezy is offereing on No Ceilings.  Happy Friday and Happy Halloween. 

Lil Wayne No Ceilings

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