Elimination Process


RIP Poetic

I guess the vibe of the Tales From The Hood soundtrack put me in the mood to listen to some more scary rap or as some call it horrorcore.  I started the morning with Gravediggaz second LP, The Pick, The Sickle and The Shovel.  My brother used to listen to this album back when I was in middle school and I got hooked back then.  I revisited the album numerous times since then and it gets better every time I hear it.  The lyrics “sharper than Rza’s rings” and the production is that grimey, old, Wu Tang feel.  I let the album ride all the way through.  The joint that had me hooked today was Elimination Process.  The hook is infectious, perhaps because it’s an interpolation of some theme(my mind is drawing a blank on which one).  I bet you can’t listen to this song without having the hook stuck in your head.  The artwork on this album is really dope too.  The white and gold is the shit.  I guess it’s only right that it has been raining nonstop for the last two days in Chicago for Tales From The Hood soundtrack and Gravediggaz.  I might need some depression meds by Friday afternoon.  RIP Poetic. 

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