Super Lyrical

Big Pun

So I decided that this week(because I slept for SO long) will be Big Pun week for me.  I have been bumping Capital Punishment nonstop and there are so many incredible songs, lyrics and quotables on there.  Pun definitely deserves(if not more) at least of week of my time.  I’m gonna grab Yeah Baby and Endangered Species tonight but for today and tomorrow, I am going to feature a couple more tracks from Capital Punishment.  If you couldn’t already guess, today’s joint is Super Lyrical featuring the most consistent emcee in hip hop, Black Thought.  Both cats kill the song.  This is actually the first track where I feel like Black Thought got outshined.  Having said that, he still kills it.  I am still pretty upset with myself for sleeping on Pun for this long but I’m trying to make up for lost time.  Happy Tuesday to all.  Enjoy some more Big Pun and make sure you go out and buy Capital Punishment or download it “legally” like me.  More on downloading and Itunes to come today.  Stay Tuned.  RIP Big Punisher.

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