50 Does It Again……September 11th

Jay-Z and 50 Cent

I just read an article on Hiphopdx(that came from Yo Raps) that says Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 and 50 Cent’s Before I Self-Destruct are both dropping on the eighth anniversary of September 11th.  For the second time, 50 has purposely released his album  on the same day as another hip hop heavy weight.  Last time, 50 and Kanye went head to head and Kanye not only smashed him in record sales, he put out a better album.  This time around, 50 is going against, arguably the GOAT, Jay-Z.  If this was 2001, I would say 50 had no chance but in light of Jay-Z turning from GOAT to OOAT, I think 50 is gonna MERK Jay and put out a better album.  I think Jay will sell more copies thatn 50 just because Jay will have Kanye, Drake AND Lil Wayne on his album because he can’t hold his own any longer.  Regardless, I think this will officially be Jay’s last attempt to keep his legacy alive and a DECENT moment in hip hop.  I like how 50 continues to go up against the biggest names in hip hop.  He seems to be one of the last with that competitive spirit.  I might even drop Love Potion that day and take em BOTH down.  Stay tuned for all the press and publicity the “showdown” will receive.  Big ups to 50 for challenging the OOAT when everyone else is just scurrrred.  The GAME too.  Good shit GAME.  Peep the article.

50 Cent to release new album same day as Jay-Z

6 thoughts on “50 Does It Again……September 11th

  1. Jay-Z’s las t 3 albums have been trash in my opinion. Not due to lyrical content but, rather a combination of wack beats, unimaginative concepts and poor timing. However, 50 cent hasn’t been any better.

    Get rich or die trying was fresh! Besides 50′s mixtapes, it was his only drop worthy of mention. Fast forward to now and listen to “D.O.A”. Jay-Z is back in form— the angry black person that we’ve grown to love. He is back to being an innovator with a throwback (classic) sound that mocks and ridicules his would be opponents with rusty-razor sharp wordplay that makes us find new gems with each listen.

    50 cent is no more than a semi clever thug that has a westcoast style of rap beefing, rhymes like he’s from the south and is noted to have smacked a few people (in the past). Super! I’m a fan, no doubt. But what the fuck is 50 cent when you’re talking about Jay?

    P.S. anyone got the drop on a Blueprint 3 leak?

  2. DOA is NOT Jay-Z at his finest. Dude is rapping about as basic as 50 Cent. “I might holler at the mixtape weezy.” Jay-Z is trying to holler at Lil Wayne??????? LAME. I agree 50 has been REALLY wack too BUT War Angel was pretty dope and from the sound of Jay’s most recent shit. Jay isn’t capable. I got bets going on if anyone wants to put some money up

  3. nawwww.

    I listened to it again. It’s cool but it dont trump that Jay shit.

    I’m sorry, I dont fall for that tight pants shit.

    I was born in ’78 and I’m on that real shit.

    Jay got more substance. This sounds like another parlor trick from 50.

    g’ head with that David Blaine shit.

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