Hip Hop on a Higher Level???


A few of hip hop’s finest!!!!!!

Much like record industry, the magazine and print industry has suffered a major blow because of the internet and its accessiblity to information.  As soon as news happens, its on the internet.  Two of hip hop’s most “respected” magazines also seem to have lost their place in the hip hop world.  The most recent covers of XXL magazine have featured Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo and OJ Da Juice and the following issue featured Fabolous and The Dream.  Now I don’t want to take a shot at any particular artist but if these are the people chosen to represent our culture for two months in a row, hip hop has definitely lost its way.  I can’t say that I am a fan of any of the artists featured, although I have listened to enough music from each one to be able to comment.  The fact that one of the only hip hop magazine’s continues to flood the public eye with artists who provide relatively no creativity, vision or passion for the culture is a shame.  I know it’s not fair to make the assumptions but let’s be real.  Fabolous is a label puppet.  He manages to stay relevant not do to his own talents but because he caters to the current state of hip hop.  When Nate Dogg was hot, Fabolous was on a track with Nate.  When The Neptunes were hot, Fabolous got tracks from them and now that The Dream is hot, Fabolous is using The Dream’s limelight to stay relevant.  It is a shame because Fab is no slouch on the mic.  He just really has no voice.  He says the same thing, the same way on every song.  He does whatever the label tells him to do.  These other artist don’t need to be addressed.  Their music is what it is.  XXL should be ashamed of themselves for continuously perpetuating how the rest of the world views hip hop.  If cats like The Roots, Blu, Wale, Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco and Pharoahe Monch were consistently on the covers of magazines, MAYBE hip hop would not be viewed in such a negative light.  I mean Gucci Mane makes some of the most ridiculous(I mean ridiculously bad) music I have heard in recent years.  Is this how we want people to view the music and the culture?  This if my official challenge to XXL and The Source to grow some balls and help change how hip hop is portrayed in the mainstream.  You have the platform so now it is time to use it because if Fabolous, The Dream, Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane are hip hop on a higher level, I must be confused.

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2 thoughts on “Hip Hop on a Higher Level???

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  2. it best if the dude just keeps tailoring to the ladies … its a slippery hip hop slope! Drakes buzz pushes him to the respectable 4rth place. Lil Wayne (hes loosing his 2006,2007 buzz gradually but theres some still left over buzz and he tour was crazy profitable to me drizzy kinda jacked weezys buzz spot.5. 50 Cent (for me thisis50.com alone makes him relevant not to mention two strong mix-tapes, beef with ross which 50 killed, ppl tend to sleep on “officer ricky diss track” that was serious fire. plus a book and all his viral videos pimping curly… the list goes on. DUDE IS TALENTED AND RELEVANT sorry GUCCI! waiting on before i self-destruct… if he delivers hes goin up on the list. and if 50 goes on to compete with Jay lyrically that would be interesting although im rooting for emeinem v jay-z (STRICTLY LYRICS).6.Kid Cudi (Hes own lane, shit is unique 100% and fresh 100%) day n night will live the test of time. hes album is probably the best ALBUM in terms of complete body of work. dude is saving the music industry let alone his contribution to hip hop. hes album is hes ILLMATIC or Reasonable Doubt IN ITS OWN WAY! and wait till dude kills the TV HBO show…7. J Cole (The warm up mix-tape to me is better than JAY-Z BP3, and possibly competing with DRAKE’s so far gone, tracks like (Can I Live, Grwon Simba, Lights please) thats shit that seriously is the freshest breath of hip hop air i could ever ask for. MIX-TAPES WERE BETTER THAN ALBUMS THIS YEAR. SORRY FACT! did i mention hes the only one who got a verse on BP3??8. Asher Roth ( Dude can only get better, buzzness from his Em comparisons but dude delivered fire on his debut mix tape and his album was an good A. not A++ but HE CAN ONLY GET BETTER.9. XV (again hes mixtape was slept on tracks like “undeniable”) and hes from KANSAS so dude needs the support!10. Raekwon (dropped a classic album and stood his ground no marketing no radio friendly trax straight raw art.just my opinion. what do u guys think? I MEAN GUCCI NOOOO WAY. and Ross, well hes album was fire BUT OTHER THANT THAT I CANT TAKE THE DUDE SERIOUSLY! LOVE HIS MUSIC BUT……. BAWWWSE!IM OUT

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