Kansas Confirms the Stereotypes

DJJazzy Jeff

While doing my 1,2 this morning on Hiphopdx, I came across some very disheartening news.  DJ Jazzy Jeff Kicked Off Stage At Kansas City Venue.  I can’t say I’m surprised but I am very disappointed.  Number one, I’m not from Kansas City and I never spent a lot of time there but I can say that I haven’t really enjoy the club/bar scene out there.  There are always exceptions but like most other clubs/bars in Kansas that I’ve been too, hip hop is NOT welcomed.  Most places play top 40 which does include hip hop but venues and DJs are encouraged heavily to not play too much because of the “crowd” that it draws.  I have been out countless times to countless bars and have seen fights at bars regardless of what type of music is played.  It breaks my heart to hear about a legend like DJ Jazzy Jeff taking the time to come out to Kansas to spin and after just 30 minutes into his set, he is told to play different music or else police will escort him off stage.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Power and Light district in Kansas City, it is a big area with a bunch of bars that has a big open area in the middle with a stage for live acts to perform.  It is a really cool set up that could be great for shows.  I am a little surprised they even booked Jazzy Jeff there just because of the “crowd” that goes there but I am sure people were enjoying his set.  It isn’t very often that Kansas gets a REAL DJ to come and spin.  It is extremely unfortunate that Kansas still has people that treat hip hop, the artists and the fans like criminals and troublemakers.  It doesn’t give me a lot of hope for Kansas.  I am pretty sure it is the venues that are doing this and not the patrons.  Hip hop’s reach and appeal is universal and undeniable.  The problem is that the people who have the power are older and refuse to accept that.   Check out the article on Hiphopdx and read Jeff’s comments as well as the BULLSHIT the venue is saying.

DJ Jazzy Jeff Kicked Off Stage At Kansas City Venue

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