First the Fat Boys break up…..

Little BrotherNow I’m not gonna feed into all the rumors and what they assume(right drake?) but I figured this was the right time to address and express my concerns with some recent statements regarding one of my favorite groups of all time, Little Brother.  Phonte recently commented on Little Brother’s next album, Leftback, being their last album for a while.  Stating that him and Pooh would always make music together but more like a Blackstar thing where they do their solo projects and hop on each other records.  After reading a comment on hiphopdx from someone saying “I had to sit and assess/ why all my favorite groups is a mess/ they probably split for the best” I couldn’t help but feel a certain way about Little Brother’s possible “hiatus” as they are calling it.  When the news of 9th Wonder leaving Little Brother got back to me, I was bummed out.  9th from day one has been one of my favorite producers and gave me the inspiration to really start recording and writing again.  Although the news was disappointing, I knew Little Brother was one of those groups that would still be able to create dope music and dope albums regardless.  The Getback is nothing short of amazing(shout out to illmind).  I have to say however, although I am disappointed by this news, if its true, I can’t say I am surprised.  There has always been that questions hanging over the group about “Why doesn’t Phonte go solo?”  Big Pooh has had to address his position in the group on damn near every song.  I can imagine that it probably has taken a toll on him and Phonte.  It also makes me think that when a group like Little Brother who has consistently put out classic material whether it has been albums or mixtapes breaks up ,that the nature of hip hop is just cruel on veterans.   Damn near every hip hop group in history has went on to do their solo things.  I wonder why Rock and Roll groups also don’t have the same fate?  I can’t say I know the reasoning for this phenomenon, whether it is egos, the politics or the cruelty of time. One thing is sure however, hip hop is not kind to anyone.  Legends like Wu Tang, Run DMC or Rakim couldn’t sell an album nowadays to save their lives.  Anyways, enough said, just something to think about.  The lifespan of an MC appears to be getting shorter and shorter unless your LL or Busta and just cater to the times.  All I know is that Phonte is right.  They have made their mark, even if it’s not as big as it should be.  Leftback WILL be classic.  Peep the hiphopdx article hear

Phonte speaks on Little Brother’s future

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